How It Works

Reserve Equipment

Choose one of our three high-quality model projector rentals to begin. Make sure the one you select has the correct specifications, fits your budget, can accommodate the size of your event, etc. Then fill out the appropriate information regarding the requested length of your rental period and total quantity. Add the projector rental to the rental cart. Do the same for projection screen and speaker rentals as well. When your order is complete, it's time for checkout. Register a new account (saves time on future visits) or select guest, fill in the required fields with the appropriate information, select a payment method, then confirm your order.

Process Order

Once your order has been confirmed, we will begin several fraud-prevention checks at this time. If we have any concerns about your order, then we will send you an email. Once your order has been accepted, we will reserve your equipment until the shipping date. If it needs to be shipped the same day, however, then we will take care of it immediately. We'll bill your credit card, clean and pretest the appropriate equipment, box it up, and add a prepaid return shipping label with the order so after your event, you will be able to return the equipment to FedEx with ease. Once FedEx has picked up your equipment, you will be emailed a tracking number.

Receive/Return Equipment

Your equipment can be tracked from the time it leaves our warehouse to when it arrives at your location. Upon arrival, a person of at least 18 years of age will need to sign for the equipment. Once the signature is completed, your rental period officially begins. After your event, box up the equipment, seal it, and apply the prepaid label to it before you drop it off to the nearest FedEx store. After we have received your equipment, you will be notified via email that we have, and the process is over. If you fail sign our equipment over to FedEx within 24 hours of the last day of your rental date, then you will be charged a late fee.


If you have any questions regarding our shipping process, product specifications, available payment methods or anything else you need clarified, do not hesitate to call a customer care representative at (888) 951-3344 and she/he will be glad to help answer all of your questions efficiently.

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